Welcome to the Retirement Fund for the Printing Industry  


The Printing Industry Pension Fund for SATU members and the SATU National Provident Fund (‘the Funds”) are multi-employer retirement funds established to provide retirement, disability and death benefits to members of the South African Typographical Union. Benefits are based upon annual contributions by both the employer and the member.


The Funds are governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of SATU, participating employer representatives and an independent professional trustee. The Funds responsibilities include servicing members and employers, supporting the employers and SATU by maintaining retirement funds that will attract and retain employees and ultimately pay benefits to members or their dependants at the occurring of certain events.


The Funds pride itself by its standards of governance and fiduciary management displayed by the trustees and other fund officials, the above inflation pension increases granted to its pensioners over many years, excellent investment returns to its active members and low costs of management of the Funds.

The graphs below show the excellent fund performances over the years.